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Nail Care FAQ

Posted by Andres Jimenez on

How To Fix Chips or Cracks In Chrome Nail Polish?

To fix chips or cracks in chrome nail polish, first, clean nails thoroughly. Apply a base coat, let it dry. Then, reapply the chrome polish, covering the damaged areas. Seal with a top coat, ensuring edges are covered. Let it dry completely for a flawless chrome manicure that lasts.

How Do I Remove Nail Art Without Damaging My Nails?

To remove nail art without damaging your nails, follow these steps: 1) Soak cotton balls in acetone, 2) Place them on each nail, 3) Wrap fingers in foil, 4) Wait 10-15 mins, 5) Gently remove the polish, 6) Moisturize nails afterward. Avoid forcefully scraping or peeling to maintain nail health.


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