Good Kind of Emo Kit

6 Polish Nail Art Kit

Half-dead, but she still looks so cute...

This kit includes Nail Brushes and these 6 shades:

  • Party Favor - Pink.
  • Joy Ride - Yellow.
  • No Bad Angles - Blue.
  • Lightning Strikes - Metallic Silver.
  • Depressionist - Black.
  • Blank Canvas - White.
  • Nail Brush Duo

Comes in our limited edition MGK Back-to-Back gift box.

Our kits are a full-fledged nail arsenal; six polishes, two brushes, and box art by MGK and collaborators.

It's all you need to nail that edgy, unique look. Mix, match, and experiment!


For best results:

  • Apply a base layer using our Top/ Bottom Coat
  • Follow with 2-3 layers of your chosen polish
  • Your Kit comes with 2 Nail Brushes, use them to express your own unique style. (See our Nail Art & Tutorials Page for inspo!)
  • Use our Top/ Bottom Coat again to ensure a long lasting manicure

Speed up drying with our Quick Dry Drops

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