Parallel Dimension Nail Stickers

Nail Stickers

You are the art and the artist.

161 Nail Stickers previously only available in Machine Gun Kelly's Down The Rabbit Hole Kit.

Elevate your nail art with our stickers. No brushing required. Dive into a collection of unique designs, with up to 180 stickers, that easily adhere to your nails, instantly upping your nail game.

  1. Select & Peel: Choose your desired design and gently peel off the sticker, avoiding contact with the center. (tweezers help!)
  2. Apply: Ensure your nail is completely dry. Place the sticker smoothly onto the nail.
  3. Seal: For longevity and a flawless finish, layer with a top coat.

Remember, the key to a perfect application is ensuring your nail is dry and handling the sticker delicately. Let your nails do the talking!

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