ARTIST / Maxime Manga

ARTIST / Maxime Manga

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Maxime Manga - Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Designer (in this life).

When did you begin your artistic journey?

I started my adventure in the artistic world four years ago now. Time flies by at an incredible speed I find I haven't even seen them go by


What do you feel is the most misunderstood aspect of your work?

AAAHHH! excellent question I don't know who made them but this one is excellent! Thanks for that. Okay so, the most misunderstood aspect of my work is I would say the one that plays with emotions or at least, my representation of my emotions in each of my creations and I confess to you that sometimes it's weeks later and with hindsight that I realize and I say to myself internally "AHHH there it is, this is the way I felt". You have to see my creations as frozen representations of my emotions I think. Sort of emotional archives.


What do you see as the next step in your evolution as an artist? The next step?

I think the next step will be to create things that are a bit more real. Digital is great because you have almost no physical constraints, so I'm quite tempted.


How important is it to you that your art is understood and appreciated 100 years from now rather than the present? In 100 years!?

I must admit that the time window is quite large hahaha. I would love my creations to last in time, a bit like the Mona Lisa, it would be magical but it's not something I can control. I would almost say that it doesn't matter at all how people will see my work in 100 years or even if they will see my work, what matters to me and this might sound a bit cliché but I firmly believe it is to do what you love and do it now. Projecting yourself is good but the future by nature is unpredictable, all we have is this infinite second.


What artist living or dead are you most inspired by?

There was a time when I would have said Basquiat but now I absorb everything I'm like a mini black hole. I can combine the ultra warm colours of Joseph William Turner with the coldness of Nicole Rafiki, listen to Kanye at the same time and stick it all to you like Deborah Roberts.


What creative advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

The advice I would give myself with epic music in the background, the wind blowing a bit with a tight camera shot otherwise it's not funny LOL is "Trust your intuition" and I think my younger self would say something like "Yes I know don't worry" hahaha.


How have you seen your own style evolve?

It's funny because I was talking about it on the phone recently with my mum but it's a bit like when you're a kid and you imagine what you're going to be like in 10, 15 years. You don't see yourself growing up and what you become is not exactly (to the point) what you thought you would become but looking back you realise that you have grown up a lot and you are excited to see who you will become in the next few years. As time goes on I see my style evolving and I like it.


Can you please tell us more about your inspiration of the All is Love piece? the question is, what does this work inspire in you?

Go ahead and look at the image, take two or three minutes and there you go.


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