Midnight Mind Set

3 Polish Nail Art Set

Everything is more intense after midnight, things take on a new and deeper meaning. 

This 3-polish set includes shades:  

Bad Dream  - black & white splatter paint effect. 
Lightning Strikes Metallic - silver. 
After Dark Glitter - black & silver glitter. 

Comes in one of our limited edition holiday creators series box by artist Maxime Manga. 

Box art may vary.

Kickstart your nail journey with three complementary shades.

Our curated sets are more than just polish – they're a vibe. Featuring box art by MGK and collaborators, every set is a bold expression of art and attitude.

For best results:

  • Apply a base layer using our Top/ Bottom Coat
  • Follow with 2-3 layers of your chosen polish
  • Use our Nail Brushes to create your own unique style. (See our Nail Art & Tutorials Page for inspo!)
  • Use our Top/ Bottom Coat again to ensure a long lasting manicure

Speed up drying with our Quick Dry Drops

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